Easily manage the cost of caring for your best friend.

BFF money is a custom digital bank concept created by Nymbus Labs.

$62food per month
$225+recurring vet visits

The first-year cost of a pet can be around $1,000, and continued care expenses can be more than $400 per year.^

Budget for Your Buddy

BFF Money makes it easier to:

Budget for pet expenses, from food to insurance

Save for extras like a spay/neuter, boarding, or grooming

Earn cash back on pet store purchases*

Create a Safety Net

Unexpected pet expenses are just that - unexpected. BFF money is there for you, so you can be there for your pet.

  • Instant decision
  • Rapid funding
  • Competitive rates

Help Animals in Need

Round up* a percent of your debit card purchases and donate the savings to your favorite animal charity.

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